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Vibrations is proud to introduce our newest members of the family,

Rich & Shea Gardner.

Rich & Shea embrace and excel in the art of Well Being & Balance.

Private Sessions


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Join us for a relaxing evening of healing and restoration as we host our 3rd annual Gong Ceremony facilitated by Rev. Patti & Jason Kniola. www.qiforlife


November 17, 2023 6pm - 7:30pm


Vibrations - 430 S. Lake St., Gary, IN 

$35 - Pre Registration is recommended.


The Gong Ceremony represents an ancient, multi-dimensional form of sound healing meditations that continue to be practiced today.  Gongs have been used for meditation, healing, and communication purposes for nearly 6,000 years. 

The gong is known as an instrument of transformational power” and translates to “an engine of power releasing tone resonance and complex harmonics that are transferred to the recipient.” It is considered a bath as you are bathed in vibrations from the instruments.


Gongs: 28" Subatomic Chau Gong, 36" Astro-Belt Gong, and a powerful 40" Mother Tesla Gong, to create walls of symphonic vibrations. Participants of these events often report deep meditative experiences, bright visualizations of psychic colors, trance states, ethereal sounds and voices, spontaneous emotional releases, profound states of relaxation and out of body experiences. 

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