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430 South Lake Street

Gary, Indiana 46403


Vibrations is dedicated to the Health & Well Being of our clients and will remain open to support our clients wellness journey until otherwise directed.
We are ensuring that our contingency plans related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) put the health, safety and well-being of our clients at the forefront.
As our contingency plans evolve and develop to meet the standard, we continue to monitor and take action on the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, the Indiana Department of health and the Lake County Department of Health.

We are here to help!!!!!!

The following is a list of ways we can aid in Virus Protection & Prevention...
1. Consume immune building tonics & herbs.
Such as, our Flu Shots (ElderPower, Ginger/Turmeric, Firecider, Wheatgrass)
2. Adding herbal supplements like Sea Moss & Moringa.
3. Boosting your vitamin C intake with supplements. As well as, fresh juices and smoothies.
4. Eating a healthy well balanced diet…our detox soup is available every day amongst an array of other healthy choices.
5. Drink alkaline water (available by the gallon).
6. Use essential oil’s… Frankincense (an immune booster) and Peppermint (which has antimicrobial properties).

Again...We are here to help!!!!! Stop in with any questions or concerns.

Adjusted Store Hours  During Covid-19 Quarantine

Tuesday - Friday

9 am - 4 pm

Food & juice orders should be placed 45 min before store closing.

Send us a email at

For anyone in need of assistance please, contact us at the phone # listed above.

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