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The Lavender Lounge is located on our Lower Level.  It is a cozy lounge where we host live music, spoken word , karaoke and other pop-up events.

The space is also, available to rent for private parties.

Upcoming Events

Drum Circle 1/21/23

                                              "The Beating of a Drum resembles the Heartbeat of Mother Earth"


A Drum Circle is a noisy & fun interactive event where people come together , in order to share

their spirit by entraining rhythmically as a percussion ensemble.  They empower each other in the act of celebrating community & life through rhythm & vibrations.


The Drum Circle empowers one to get in touch with self and others to form a group consciousness that entertains and resonates as a collective voice to the soul.


Drum Circles help boost the immune system and promotes physical health.  It encourages people to release inner trauma through physical movement & meditative.

The Percussionist!


Michael Duffy - Michael Duffy is a drummer from Chicago.  He performs with jam funk fusion band digeometric and rock n roll tribute band The American Hustle.  


Brendan McAlinden - Brendan is an average drummer with few highly developed skills.  Mostly employing marijuana for his inspiration, McAlinden’s musical stylings will very likely not be upsetting.


Matt Rezetko - Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Matt has a huge devotion to rhythm.  Matt blends funk, hip-hop, blues, soul, rock, fusion, and electronic music without hesitation.  He plays with Sam Sinclair Trio, Crosseyed and Phishless, Smiley Tillmon Band & more.


Sean Wilmsen - Sean Wilmsen is a drummer and multi instrumentalist from Chicago.  He performs with The Railway Gamblers.


Kyle Rico Davis - Kyle Rico Davis  has played the drums since the age of four and is known for his versatility and love of working in different musical contexts.  


Join us for this amazing, spirited event;

Saturday January 21, 2023

Opening Reception 6:00pm

Opening Performance Begins  @ 7:00pm 


This is an interactive event; If you have drums Bring Them!

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